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2013 Sani Peyarchi Palangal for Mesha Rasi (Aries Sign):

The Shani comes out of its retrograde position on May 7th, 2013. For Mesha Rasi peoples, the Shani owns the 10th and 11th houses. The 10th house is considered to be neutral and 11th house is considered to be malefic in nature for the Mesha Rasi peoples. The Shani is placed in the Libra sign for the whole of year 2013. The Shani gets exalted in the Libra sign and it is placed in the 7th house from the Rasi.

The Shani gets additional strength by getting placed in the 7th house in addition its exalted strength. It makes the position of Shani very stronger. But being a malefic planet for the Mesha Rasi, it delivers both the good and some unfavourable results too. Let us analyze the effects of Sani Peyarchi on the Mesha Rasi peoples in the Year 2013.

May 7th to September 13th (2013):

The Mesha rasi people would enjoy strong profits and benefits in their career/business. They would experience that their fundamental position gets strengthened. But strong position in the career also would bring in some undesired results especially with the relationship with their business partners or colleagues. Hence Mesha Rasi people are advised against taking any immature decisions or actions in this regard.

September 13th to October 7th (2013):

The Mesha rasi would even climb steeply in the ladder for the career growth. The Mesha Rasi would enjoy strong growth in their career and comes out fully successful too. But they should take their colleagues or business partners into confidence before deciding on important issues; this will reduce the negative impact of Shani on their career.

October 7th to October 24th (2013):

The Mesha Rasi would feel slowdown on their career/business. The plan and actions of the Mesha Rasi may get delayed or the Mesha Rasi would feel little frustrated by the slow growth in their career. The Mesha Rasi would experience some chill on their ties with their elder brothers/sisters.

October 24th to November 5th (2013):

The Shani gets eclipsed on 24th October 2013. This position would make the Shani powerless. The Mesha rasi would feel complete stagnation on their career/business. The Mesha Rasi are advised taking important decisions concerning their business/career on this particular period. The Mesha Rasi may develop differences with their elder brothers/sisters.

November 5th to November 24th (2013):

The Mesha Rasi would experience complete unfavourable results on their career/business during this period. There could be a possibility of getting unfavourable results, even after taking correct and viable decisions. Hence it is better for the Mesha Rasi to postpone important decisions in this period. The Mesha Rasi should handle the ties with their elder brother/sister in a more delicate manner.

November 24th to December 4th (2013):

On November 24th, the Saturn rises in the east. This would bring in some partial relief to the Mesha rasi peoples. But the Mesha Rasi would feel that their slowdown is not completely reversed.

December 4th to December 31st (2013):

The slowdown gets completely reversed for the Mesha rasi peoples on their career/business. They start to enjoy more growth and profits coming through their profession. The Mesha Rasi would experience improved ties with their elder brothers/sisters too.


Please understand that the Shani Peyarchi results should be read in close coordination with your Mahadasa results.

If you are passing through favourable Mahadasa periods, the negative inputs in these Shani Peyarchi predictions will not bring in more damages.

If you are passing through any unfavourable Mahadasa periods, then the negative inputs in the Shani Peyarchi predictions could add to the existing pressures.

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